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Where does your money go?


Every day we spend money on various things ranging from things we absolutely need to things that are for pleasure or considered luxury items. Whatever the case may be, we spend money on products everyday but have you thought carefully about where your money is going and what sort of impact your spending makes on your community, your country, and the world? This is very important so take a few minutes to think about it.

There are mighty multinationals like Nestlé, Unilever, and the like. There are medium to large manufacturing companies some of whom employ the use of chemicals and dangerous substances in their products. Then there are the small to medium companies run by members of our very own communities some of whom are making (or growing) quality eco friendly  products without the use of dangerous chemicals or harming animals. Where would you rather spend your money?
The billions of dollars earned everyday by multinationals may not be impacted severely by your individual decision to patronise and support a local, handmade product but your decision to support that small local business means the world to a mother who desperately needs to make ends meet. You could be helping her put meals on her table, to clothe her children and to put them through school.

Here at Green Butterfly we support such women through capacity building and various retail platforms. Find out about the next eco market happening near you. If you live in Accra it’s happening on the first Saturday of every month at the Goethe Institut in East Cantonments (next to NAFTI) and on the second Saturday of every month in Airport residential area  (near GIZ) and Koala supermarket. Products you can find at the eco market include:

●Locally grown, Organic herbs and vegetables
● handicrafts
● beads and accessories
● natural handmade soaps
● natural handmade cosmetics
● Oils
● natural health foods
● fabric and clothing
● footwear
● art
● local music
● thrift items

Support local ecofriendly business and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing how your spending impacts people in your community. Your money is not going towards funding toxic chemical products, or enriching an already rich group of people. Your money goes back into your community and the people who live there.

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Green Butterfly from Ghana!


Welcome to the Green Butterfly blog!
Green Butterfly is a social enterprise focusing on skills training and capacity building for small to medium ecofriendly (and cultural) initiatives in Ghana. The program focuses on individuals as well as small to medium enterprises who are undertaking ventures in culture and the arts, handcrafting, production of organic and natural products, and organic farming.

Green Butterfly hosts cultural programs for people of all ages. One such program is the famous Open Air Stock Exchange – a “pop up” eco market held twice a month in Accra. On the first Saturday of every month, the Open air stock exchange is held at the Goethe Institut (German cultural center) in East Cantonments. On the second Saturday of every month, the market is held in Airport residential area.

Our skills training workshops include soap making, cosmetics formulation, music and dance, fine art, crafts, beads and accessories, organic gardening, organic large scale farming, bee keeping and more.

Call us now (233) 0247900791 or visit us on Facebook to find out how you can become a part of this exciting movement.

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~ Building eco friendly communities ~