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Organic Wednesdays at Green Butterfly 💚

At Green Butterfly we take pride in our handmade, organic, natural and ecofriendly lifestyle. At our store in North Dzorwulu,  Accra,  just behind the Fiesta Royale hotel,  one can choose from a variety of oils,  soaps, body butters, massage products, hair products and baby products.

We are blessed to have Roots and Soul Cafe come in once a week with great tasting vegetarian and vegan recipes. We also have some of our organic farmers come in with a variety of vegetables and fruits.

Going organic is the choice we need to make to improve our lives and well being. If you live in Accra you are invited to join us every Wednesday! 

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Organic African Black Soap

In Africa, black soap is an age old traditional soap, well known for keeping skin beautiful but more so for healing of various skin problems. Women in Ghana have been involved in the making of black soap for many years. Using various herbs and healing remedies such as plantain leaves and cocoa pods, African women have worked their black soap magic. “Alata samina” is the popular name of black soap in Ghana.It is used to relieve acne, and to clear blemishes. It is also known to help soothe skin irritations and conditions such as eczema, and psoriasis. African Black Soap is excellent for removing makeup, dirt, and oil while giving the skin a beautiful glow.


Black soap has evolved to a point where women enterpreneurs are developing various blends and formulations of black soap to include ingredients such as Shea Butter and Papaya. Black soap can be quite strong so if you have sensitive skin it is recommended to dilute it a little in a soft towel or sponge.

Our featured black soap today is by a local company called “White Kente” established by a lovely woman called Efe. This natural and organic black soap is made with papaya and is available at the Green Butterfly store. We are located in North Dzorwulu behind the Fiesta Royale hotel in Accra. We also deliver! Call us on 0247900791 or email