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10 reasons why you need Aloe Vera Gel in your life

Aloe Vera has been known to have powerful healing properties since ancient times. The magical gel found in the leaves of the aloe plant has many benefits for skin, hair, and even digestive health.

Here are 10 reasons you need aloe vera in your life:

1. Burns and wounds: Use aloe vera gel on cuts, burns, and wounds for quick healing. Aloe Vera also helps minimize the formation of scars. The soothing power of aloe vera gel is especially helpful due to its cooling effect.

2. Skin Conditioner: Rub aloe vera gel anywhere on your skin as a conditioner. Leave it on till it dries, then take your bath or shower. This practice will leave you with flawless skin.

3. Anti-inflammatory: Aloe vera gel taken internally is known to act as an anti-inflammatory and to aid digestion. 

4. Anti-oxidant action: Aloe vera is full of antioxidants which strengthen the immune system and fights various illnesses.

5. Hair conditioner: Rub some aloe vera gel into your hair to moisturize, soften, and promote hair growth. It also makes for a great styling gel and leave in conditioner.

6. Make up remover: Aloe vera gel mixed with coconut oil makes a great make-up remover. Put this mixture on a cotton pad and use to remove makeup. It is safe for use around the eyes.

7. Dry, Cracked heels: Use aloe vera on dry skin and cracked heels. Mixing aloe vera gel with melted shea butter and using this on dry cracked skin delivers amazing results.

8.  As a laxative: Aloe vera gel taken in certain doses will have a laxative effect on the body. Done under safe supervision, this can be helpful in detox and weight loss programs.

9. For stretch marks: Rub aloe vera gel regularly over stretch marks to significantly improve their appearance. Mix aloe vera gel with melted cocoa butter and rub over stretch marks regularly for best results.

10. To prevent and treat dandruff: Use aloe vera gel on your scalp regularly to prevent the growth of dandruff. To treat dandruff, mix a small cup of aloe vera gel with about 30drops of lavender oil. Mix well and use this mixture everyday in your hair to remove dandruff completely.

We are serious about aloe vera! And we grow it organically in the Green Butterfly permaculture gardens located in the Aburi mountains of Ghana. Visit our store to purchase baby plants to grow yourself at home, or buy the gel already processed in jars. 

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E-mail us to order or call (233) 247900791


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Organic Wednesdays at Green Butterfly ðŸ’š

At Green Butterfly we take pride in our handmade, organic, natural and ecofriendly lifestyle. At our store in North Dzorwulu,  Accra,  just behind the Fiesta Royale hotel,  one can choose from a variety of oils,  soaps, body butters, massage products, hair products and baby products.

We are blessed to have Roots and Soul Cafe come in once a week with great tasting vegetarian and vegan recipes. We also have some of our organic farmers come in with a variety of vegetables and fruits.

Going organic is the choice we need to make to improve our lives and well being. If you live in Accra you are invited to join us every Wednesday! 

Visit our page Green Butterfly on facebook


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We are officially open! Pics from the “Meet Green Butterfly” event

The Green Butterfly store is now officially open in North Dzorwulu, Accra, behind the Fiesta Royale Hotel. We stock natural, organic personal care products, organic oils, health foods, seeds, and snacks. Inside the Green Butterfly store you can also find Roots and Soul cafe corner making vegetarian, vegan cakes, muffins, cookies, and fresh coffee.

Enjoy some of our pictures taken at the launch event. It was a great day and evening!

Complete with conscious performances by Yasmeen, uncle Sam, and Wanlov! The evening ended with love and many smiles.

To find the Green Butterfly store just type “Green Butterfly” into the search box in google maps and you will see us close to Nestle, Fiesta Royale, and Oxygen lounge.

You can also like our page on facebook

See you soon at the Green Butterfly store!!

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Meet Green Butterfly! 

We are officially launching next week! Are you a green butterfly?  Then you must have answered “yes” to one of these questions:

1. Do you love nature and mother earth? 

2. Do you love Ghana? 

3. Do you believe that Africa can re-claim her wealth and dignity? 

4. Do you want a better future for your children? 

5. Do you believe in supporting local community entrepreneurs? 

6. Are you a tree hugger?  ðŸ™‚

7. Interested in healthy living and green lifestyle? 

8. Do you have natural hair and nails?  ðŸ™‚

9.Do you love Sammy Nukpese,  Yasmeen or Wanlov the Kubolor? 

10. Are you ready to have a great time???? 

Hash tag the event!  #meetgreenbutterfly and #greenbutterfly let’s get trending on social media.  The event is happening on SATURDAY 29th OCTOBER from 4pm at Green Butterfly on North Dzorwulu just behind Fiesta Royale hotel. Don’t forget to follow us on twitter and instagram @1greenbutterfly and check out our facebook page

One love! 

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October’s second Eco market in Airport residential area.

Last Saturday we had the Open Air stock exchange in Airport residential area. This second market started operating this year at no.  11 Volta road near GIZ and just down the road from Koala supermarket and D Deli. Other landmarks are cuppa cappuccino and Stanford SEED. 

Through the open air stock exchange,  small community businesses come together to showcase their handmade,  natural, organic products,  as well as their art and various services. The project seeks to support healthy growth in our communities by supporting ecofriendly businesses. 

This month witnessed  our best attendance yet, not only of customers but also of vendors. Items on sale included clothing,  crafts,  skincare and hardware products,  accessories and food. 

We also had a henna stand where visitors got some cool henna tattoos!

Make a date with us next month on the 12th of November. We have even more surprises in store including a live acoustic session by Yasmeen “the voice” from 6pm. 

Click here to visit our event page on facebook. 

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October’s first Eco Market

The Open Air Stock Exchange is a community development project that has improve the lives of many Ghanaian families side it’s inception in 2011. The project supports small,  local businesses with special emphasis on marginalized artisans,  women and children. 

Last Saturday at the Goethe Institut saw yet another successful event with one of the largest turnouts we’ve ever had at the event. 

The atmosphere was bubbly and exciting.  Colored by beautiful people from different places and different walks of life.

Everything available at this market is from a local business. Here,  you will find Ghana’s most beautiful handicrafts, paintings,  clothing,  accessories, handmade toiletries,  fresh produce and lots more. 

The Open Air stock Exchange is held twice a month. On the first Saturday of every month at the Goethe Institut (German cultural center),  and on the second Saturday of every month in Airport residential area near D Deli and Koala supermarket.

Click here to join this Saturday’s Open Air Stock Exchange in Airport residential area !

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Why go organic? 

It is a word you’ve probably been running into a lot lately but have you taken time to understand the reasons why we all need to live organic?  

Things we eat, use, and put on our bodies may or may not have toxic chemicals that end up in our bloodstream,  causing health problems and dysfunction. It is our responsibility to know what we are eating and what we are putting on the table for our families and children. 

Think of growing a small organic home vegetable or herb garden. Sweet potatoes,  yams,  tomatoes,  peppers,  and herbs like mint are very easy to grow here in the topics.  Want to learn more about growing your own organic food?  Visit Green Butterfly on facebook or email us

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Whiten your teeth naturally!

This all natural toothpaste and teeth whitener is cheaper than any toothpaste or whitening product you’ve ever bought. Bicarbonate of soda (also known as baking soda) is mostly used in cooking but many people are not aware of its powerful cleansing and detox abilities. Bicarbonate of soda not only cleans and whitens,  it removes odours as well!  Mix some bicarbonate of soda with a little coconut oil to form a paste and use this paste to brush your teeth. 

Coconut oil has anti-fungal, antibacterial properties that will tackle sore gums, and many tooth problems and disorders.  

Both these ingredients are natural and safe without any chemicals or toxic substances often found in many commercial toothpastes. 

Results have been reported in less than two weeks!  Whiten teeth, fresher breadth and relief from sore gums and tooth problems.

Now spread the word! 


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Spreading ecofriendly culture


Our mission  at Green Butterfly is to spread ecofriendly culture. We believe that through the right initiatives, leadership, and capacity building, lives can be transformed in our local communities. We can eradicate poverty in Ghana.

Poverty exists mainly in our minds and that’s exactly where change should start – in our minds. Think positive! Have a “can-do” attitude. Be brave! Have faith and believe in yourself. Work hard! Believe that you can create positive change in your community.

What does the word “ecofriendly” mean? It simply means “not harmful to the environment”. Being ecofriendly means you are kind towards your environment and to the earth. Reducing toxic waste and harmful emissions, recycling, upcycling and re-using; being kind to plants, flowers, trees, animals and all living species on earth. You are conscious about how your actions affect the world we all live in, including our beloved children.

We are currently facing a great electricity generation and supply problem in Ghana. Can we explore alternative sources of energy? Can we use these methods to generate “Green electricity” at the community level? How  do we come up with sustainable energy solutions? These are a few questions we can ask ourselves while trying to find solutions to the problem.

We have amazing weather and conditions for organic farming. Have you thought of growing your own food? It’s very easy just ask us! Not only can you feed your family with healthy organic food, you can also sell your excess harvests at the “open air stock exchange” market. Email us at and we will be happy to send you tips and advice to get started on your garden or farm. We are accepting donations in cash and in organic seeds for our farming project so feel free to email us if you are interested in supporting the program. The idea is to develop food sovereignty within our local communities and to promote health, wellness, and economic freedom.

Be inspired! ❤
Visit Green Butterfly on Facebook  and like our page! 🙂