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Hello Green Butterfly! What we’ve been up to.

Our mission is to spread ecofriendly culture. Through our products,  practices,  and events we are looking forward to impacting many more lives as we establish ourselves here at Green Butterfly.  

Our Products

Our product line is receiving rave reviews! All natural and handmade from the finest raw and fresh ingredients, we make soaps, body butters,  oils,  body washes,  face washes,  hair products and more. 

We look forward to introducing you to our new recyclable glass packaging (with rewards!) To order for delivery please call us (233) 247900791.

Our Events

The Open Air stock exchange is now a well known ecofriendly cultural event in Accra. The market operates in two locations every month and we are looking forward to adding a third location in September. On the first Saturday of every month the market operates at the Goethe Institut. On the second Saturday of every month we are in Airport residential area,  and in September we will be at Labone Coffee Shop on the last Sunday of every month! 

Click here to visit The Open Air Stock Exchange on Facebook

Our practices!  What’s new? 

We practice natural,  organic lifestyle and our love for nature has led us up to the Aburi mountains to start the Green Butterfly organic garden and nature spa! As a family we are excited to take this step further into bonding with nature with the option of having organic facials,  massages, body scrubs,  foot detox and more.  We are planting beautiful flowers,  shrubs,  and trees, as well as organic herbs, roots and vegetables to give you the absolute organic experience for your joy and wellness. 

We look forward to having like-minded friends and family join us in communion with nature 💚

If you are in Accra be sure to visit us in North Dzorwulu, just type “Green Butterfly” into your Google Maps and you will get our exact location.  You can also Visit the Green Butterfly Facebook page. Drop us a line here in the comments section and have a wonderful day!