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Coriander in a basket 

All we did was mix some black soil with our home made compost. We got some organic coriander seeds from our neighbouring farmer and here we are three weeks later! 

Here are the coriander seeds before planting:

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Posted in green lifestyle, Organic Food

Why go organic? 

It is a word you’ve probably been running into a lot lately but have you taken time to understand the reasons why we all need to live organic?  

Things we eat, use, and put on our bodies may or may not have toxic chemicals that end up in our bloodstream,  causing health problems and dysfunction. It is our responsibility to know what we are eating and what we are putting on the table for our families and children. 

Think of growing a small organic home vegetable or herb garden. Sweet potatoes,  yams,  tomatoes,  peppers,  and herbs like mint are very easy to grow here in the topics.  Want to learn more about growing your own organic food?  Visit Green Butterfly on facebook or email us