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Spreading ecofriendly culture


Our mission  at Green Butterfly is to spread ecofriendly culture. We believe that through the right initiatives, leadership, and capacity building, lives can be transformed in our local communities. We can eradicate poverty in Ghana.

Poverty exists mainly in our minds and that’s exactly where change should start – in our minds. Think positive! Have a “can-do” attitude. Be brave! Have faith and believe in yourself. Work hard! Believe that you can create positive change in your community.

What does the word “ecofriendly” mean? It simply means “not harmful to the environment”. Being ecofriendly means you are kind towards your environment and to the earth. Reducing toxic waste and harmful emissions, recycling, upcycling and re-using; being kind to plants, flowers, trees, animals and all living species on earth. You are conscious about how your actions affect the world we all live in, including our beloved children.

We are currently facing a great electricity generation and supply problem in Ghana. Can we explore alternative sources of energy? Can we use these methods to generate “Green electricity” at the community level? How  do we come up with sustainable energy solutions? These are a few questions we can ask ourselves while trying to find solutions to the problem.

We have amazing weather and conditions for organic farming. Have you thought of growing your own food? It’s very easy just ask us! Not only can you feed your family with healthy organic food, you can also sell your excess harvests at the “open air stock exchange” market. Email us at and we will be happy to send you tips and advice to get started on your garden or farm. We are accepting donations in cash and in organic seeds for our farming project so feel free to email us if you are interested in supporting the program. The idea is to develop food sovereignty within our local communities and to promote health, wellness, and economic freedom.

Be inspired! ❤
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Natural lifestyle organization building eco friendly communities through skills training, pop up markets, and a local community Store in Accra.

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