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Green Butterfly from Ghana!


Welcome to the Green Butterfly blog!
Green Butterfly is a social enterprise focusing on skills training and capacity building for small to medium ecofriendly (and cultural) initiatives in Ghana. The program focuses on individuals as well as small to medium enterprises who are undertaking ventures in culture and the arts, handcrafting, production of organic and natural products, and organic farming.

Green Butterfly hosts cultural programs for people of all ages. One such program is the famous Open Air Stock Exchange – a “pop up” eco market held twice a month in Accra. On the first Saturday of every month, the Open air stock exchange is held at the Goethe Institut (German cultural center) in East Cantonments. On the second Saturday of every month, the market is held in Airport residential area.

Our skills training workshops include soap making, cosmetics formulation, music and dance, fine art, crafts, beads and accessories, organic gardening, organic large scale farming, bee keeping and more.

Call us now (233) 0247900791 or visit us on Facebook to find out how you can become a part of this exciting movement.

Visit Green Butterfly on Facebook

~ Building eco friendly communities ~



Natural lifestyle organization building eco friendly communities through skills training, pop up markets, and a local community Store in Accra.

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